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I grew up in Colorado and moved to Los Angeles with a clear vision of becoming an educator. As a child, my parents nurtured my love for learning and curiosity about the world around me. This was the foundation that guided me on my journey to Occidental College where I received a BA in Diplomacy and World Affairs. I have become increasingly aware of the inequalities in access to education and the quality of the systems that provide it. This challenge plagues communities worldwide and this has fueled my passion for pursuing education as a way to make a difference on a global scale through highly localized efforts.

I am actively pursuing my first role as an elementary school teacher as I continue to learn about the communities and organizations around the world where my talent and passion will have the greatest impact. I like to take time to share my ideas here as I continue to learn and refine my approach to a life dedicated to teaching.

I'm alway eager to connect with people that share my desire to affect global change through education. Please send me a message below if you'd like to share ideas and opportunities. I'd love to connect!

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